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How to Upgrade From Boom 2 To Boom 3D?

Boom 2 users, we have made the upgrade easy for you all. We’re offering a special discounted price for you to upgrade to Boom 3D. And the users, who purchased Boom 2 after 1st January 2017 till 7th June 2017, will get a free upgrade to Boom 3D. This is only optional should you want to upgrade to the latest and greatest piece of software for your Mac. Please note that you can continue to use Boom 2 and we will continue to offer technical support for it.


For those willing to upgrade to Boom 3D, we’re offering a mind-blowing deal! The existing Boom 2 users can upgrade to Boom 3D at only $6.99! The upgrade price is applicable to both, users who’ve purchased Boom 2 from the Mac App Store and our Web Store.


Please follow the instructions below to upgrade and activate Boom 3D:

For Mac App Store Users:

1. Please send your Boom2 Mac App Store purchase receipt to

2. After verification, we shall add your email id to the upgrade list.

3. We shall then send you an email with the store link to upgrade to Boom 3D.

4. Click on the link, select the type of license you want and proceed for upgrade.


For Web Store Users:

1. Visit Boom 3D Website store.

2. Click on the “Upgrade” button.

3. Enter your Boom 2 registration code and click on validate.

4. Select the type of license you want and proceed for upgrade.


Once done, your copy of Boom 3D will be fully installed and registered. All you need to do is hit ‘Start Boomin’!’ to enter the world of magical 3D Surround Sound!

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