For Mac App store Users:

Please go to our website ; There you have to Click on “Upgrade to Boom 3D” . A pop-up will appear (please refer to the screenshot)

Click on the second option to get a form where you have to fill up your Name and e-mail address, attach your Boom 2 Mac App Store purchase receipt and submit (refer to the screenshot below)

Or else, you can forward your Boom 2 purchase receipt from the Apple/iTunes Store to and our team will get back to you with instructions on redeeming your discounted copy of Boom 3D

For Web store users

Go to

You can see "Upgrade to Boom 3D" option

Once selected, click on the first option: "Purchased Boom 2/ Capto from website " and enter Boom 2 / Capto registration code for

validation process

Select the type of pack and proceed for upgrade.